Franchise Articles From The Bibby Group

Franchise articles from the Bibby Group

Franchise articles that speak the truth

Franchise articles for franchisors

These franchise articles are aimed at the franchisor side of the industry. But, prospective franchisees should also find them interesting for rounding out an overall perspective on franchising. The articles are based on years of observing, developing and consulting with franchisors. They are food for thought whether you are thinking about franchising a business or already a franchisor.

Our articles on entrepreneurship offer a very different perspective on the world of small business ownership. 

Entrepreneur Article One: Saving Our National Treasures

What follows is totally new thinking regarding the nature of small business success and failure. Accept as a preface that this is neither an attack on more traditional thinking, nor a rebuke of agencies, educators, and other caring, accepted authorities on the subject of entrepreneurship. Instead, this is a journey into the more personal aspects of entrepreneurship and a new perspective on solving a difficult problem.

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