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Franchise Articles For Franchisors

Our commentary is based on years of consulting with prospective and active franchisors. We’ve seen and helped correct a multitude of issues ranging from mild to severe. If you’re thinking about franchising a business do not consider it a do-it-yourself project because it’s not. In the early days of franchising, the grandfathers of the industry operated in unchartered territory and as such, moved by instinct. Today is a different time and place with regards to the legalities and sophistication of the industry; and of buyers. We advise the following: Beware and become a student of franchising. So, we offer you these articles as a starting point. If you’re already a franchisor and things are not going as expected, you’ll find yourself nodding as you read these articles. And, you may well agree that some changes need to be made.

Our goal regarding franchisors is simple. We want to help them understand and correctly perform their duties of choosing, training and supporting their most important assets: their franchisees. Our moto stands the test of time: we focus on people not just projects. We know the business of franchising. And we apply that knowledge for the sake of a better franchise industry. Read our franchise articles, and email us if you have questions about franchising a business.

    Franchise Articles For Franchisees

    If you’re thinking about franchise ownership, here you’ll find expert commentary ranging from becoming self-employed in general to buying a franchise. Prospective franchisees must understand that franchising is not the safe harbor it’s been touted to be for years. In fact, the franchise industry has very high failure rates. Buying the wrong concept will change a person’s life, and not for the good.

    Franchise buyers must educate themselves on the facts regarding franchise consultants, so there is material on that subject. And, we stress the most critical issue facing all franchise buyers, due diligence. That means committing to thorough investigation and performing it properly. If, after reading, if you have questions or concerns related to buying a franchise, just send an email.

      Articles On Entrepreneurship

      Our articles on entrepreneurship offer a very different perspective on the world of small business ownership and self-employment. Whereas business schools focus on business plans, we focus on the person. Tradition calls for business planning first. We, on the other hand, call first for personal planning. And of course, contrary to traditional arguments, here are our beliefs as to Why Small Businesses Fail

      Entrepreneur Article One: Saving Our National Treasures

      What follows is totally new thinking regarding small business success and failure. This is not an attack on traditional thinking, or a rebuke of agencies, educators, and others on the subject of entrepreneurship. It’s a journey into the personal aspects of entrepreneurship and a new perspective on solving a difficult problem. The goal, of course, is to increase the rate of small business success.

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