Thinking About Entrepreneurship? – Imagine With Walter Mitty

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If you think entrepreneurship is in you’re future, just imagine like Walter Mitty

If you’re wondering about entrepreneurship as a career move, think about a guy who really put imagination to the test. We’re pushing English Lit a bit, but James Thurber provided us with a great career launching figure. He probably didn’t intend it that way regarding entrepreneurship or deciding which if any franchise to buy, but here it is. One of Thurber’s most endearing characters is Walter Mitty.

Walter Mitty is a post WWII character who lived a secret life of escapism through his vivid imagination. When engaged in any of life’s mundane activities, Walter would escape by closing out the real world. He traveled into fantasies such as Secret Agent Mitty, or heroic pilot, Captain Walter Mitty. His active imagination made fun reading because he took us on adventures. But he also showed us ourselves, even the part that dreams about entrepreneurship. So, if you think you want to be self-employed, try Walter’s approach.

Walter displayed the alter ego in all of us. He fantasized about good things, not bad. So, how does Walter’s world relate to dreaming about self-employment and perhaps which franchise to buy? Simple. Start imagining yourself in that ownership role and see how it feels.

Walter gave us permission to let our minds wander. He showed us contentment by escaping. Walter’s imagination can teach us something about planning.

Entrepreneurship Begins With Imagination

The common thread in Walter’s secret characters are action, heroism, justice and commitment to a cause. For most people, entrepreneurship is a big step, but if it stays on our mind, then clearly there’s a desire to fulfill it. Finding the right business to start or franchise to buy are basic paths to entrepreneurship.

What if a person dreams about being in the food business, but has no business experience? Then buying the right franchise could make that dream a reality. But dreaming is one thing and reality is another.

No need beating this to death. Having joy in our work, indeed having joy in our lives, is a function of living our dreams. This is not to say that fantasy should be our launching pad into a business, but it is to say our imagination provides a great deal of personal insight.

The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is an excellent option for exploring one’s dreams and goals of self-employment. It’s thoroughly unique and we highly recommend it. Why wouldn’t we? We created it and we’re proud of it.

Good luck going forward.