Bibby Group Client Comments

We build sound relationships with our clients and think of them as friends.

Our Clients Are Friends. We’re Proud Of Their Success.

Our Philosophy as Franchise Consultants

We say what we’re prepared to do and then we do it. We will not take an assignment without reasonable confidence that we can meet or exceed expectations. We consider client requirements before ourselves. When good relationships are the foundation, the outcome is also good. Our commitment is reflected in our clients.

Comments from Franchisor Clients

Our franchisor clients are very special to us for a number of reasons. First, they’re accomplished business people who have made their mark with successful ventures. Second, they demonstrate a characteristic often not found in entrepreneurs. Namely, they are not afraid to ask for expert advice when venturing into new territory. Our franchisor clients are our friends and these comments verify that belief. Whether a feasibility study or the entire process of franchising a business, we take pride in being chosen and trusted.

Based on my experience with different franchise consultants, the Bibby Group’s approach is unparalleled. They understand the importance of the human element in franchising and tailor their work accordingly. There is simply nothing ‘boilerplate’ about their approach. That was truly evident when I realized that the advice we were given initially created fundamental problems in our program and finally needed a different kind of advisor. Bibby Group came in, broke down our system, identified the holes, and very effectively changed our program from the roots up. They threw out the “boiler plate” and affected a program that was ‘us’. We have a trusted friend and advisor – and we are growing our franchise network.

Jason Puleio, President,
As franchise consultants, Bibby Group went far beyond contractual obligations and expectations. We gained a trusted friend that continued to mentor in my company’s development through all stages up to and including the sale of my entire franchise network to a major franchise holding company.
Joe Grondin,
We looked into several big-name franchising companies and finally determined that they were just selling money-up-front, boiler-plate services with little or no personal involvement with their clients. Bibby Group took a very hands-on approach that resulted in a complete strategic franchise plan, an education in how to use that strategy, and coordination of legal work for top-shelf legal documents. We also ended with a much better understanding of our own business model. We’re now looking forward to taking the next steps towards franchising our business with more confidence and knowledge than apprehension.
Kate & Ed Sultan,

Comments from Franchise Buyers

Comments from prospective franchisees are among the most satisfying because those clients are often confused by the multitude of options available. Our job is to help weed out the ridiculous, shine a light on the positives and help people gain focus and direction. We’re proud that these comments reflect that effort.

And unlike brokers, we work to protect our clients, not present opportunities. We’ve never sold franchises and never accepted a commission or referral fee. We protect buyers through expert consulting and franchise due diligence.

“I struggled with the idea of buying a franchise because I didn’t know if it was right for me, let alone which one to choose. I needed a mentor focused on ‘my big picture’, not someone’s opinion about a franchise or a franchise agreement. Your ‘process’ slowed everything down so that I could get to know myself as an entrepreneur and create a logical, comfortable plan for making decisions. In a short period of time I replaced confusion with confidence and knew my direction. I’ll continue to reap the benefits of what I learned through this process and I’d definitely do it all over again.”

Randy Rancier


“It really was a fascinating discussion of the opportunity I was considering. Your fee may go down as one of the best investments I ever made. It’s up there with buying Dell in 1995. Anyhow I’m doing a lot of thinking this morning about my future. I’ll be calling you every month for the rest of my life if each time I can save $250K!”

Ira Berday