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Our franchise audio files include a variety of topics for prospective franchisors and franchisees. Hear our thoughts on why franchisors rise and fall, the importance of franchise relationships, how to achieve franchise success, how to approach franchise area development and other issues. You will find these same topics written about in much greater detail within our articles section and throughout our franchise blog. If you have questions on franchising a business, buying a franchise or need franchise information, contact us.

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Blueprints for Franchising a Business

This is a classic piece on what characteristics are normally associated with successful attempts at franchising a business. You can read it’s associated article on “Franchisor Success or Failure, on this page. Both the audio clip and the article should be mandatory reading if you are interested in what it takes to create an blueprint, an outline or checklist when preparing to launch a new franchise or revitalize one that is emerging.

What New Franchisors Must Understand – Franchise Audio

This franchising on streaming audio clip offers tips that can save time, money and franchise losses. It is also closely related to our most widely read article, Why Franchisors Fail. Find it here.

Franchise Relationships – The Real Facts Of Life On Franchising Audio


The franchising on streaming audio segment is a companion download to our articles that describe various franchise relationship issues. Read more on this topic within our franchise articles section.

Management Assistance Program For Emerging Franchisors 

Franchisors must build a management team that understands its role in the context of franchising. That is different from standard executive talent.

Focus & Direction For Prospective Entrepreneurs – Franchise Audio

Franchising on streaming audio is proud to offer an overview of the premier audio program for people thinking about self-employment – The Focus Program For Emerging Entrepreneurs. Here you will find great insight into your entrepreneurial self and answering two critical questions: Should I really work for myself, and What type of business should I consider?