Franchise Experts For The Three Critical Functions

Expert Franchise Consultant

An Expert Franchise Consultant Be Competent In Three Critical Functions

1. Franchising A Business

Franchising a business is complicated and demands expertise. So, commit to searching for and finding a resource that fits with both you and your business.

  • Most franchise development consultants are great salespeople. As a result, magically, you and your concept are perfect for franchising. Really? Without honest, factural discussion and analysis?
  • We are not boilerplate consultants. Instead, we listen and provide the education needed to be a franchisor.
  • Our approach is simple. “How would we want to be treated if franchising a business?

Our insistence on truthful franchise feasibility stands alone. Many consultants now copy our format by talking about feasibility, but listen closely, the conversation is still about making a sale.

Our client endorsements reflect how we operate. We’ve never encouraged a person to franchise their business, but we’ve advised many not to do so.  

2. Protecting Franchise Buyers – We DO NOT Sell Or Represent Franchises

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise and see the words ‘free franchise consulting’, that translates to franchise brokerage. Consequently, the goal is to earn a commission. And you already know that nothing is free.

We’re not salespeople. We’ve never sold a franchise or accepted a referral fee or commission. Our clients are serious, analytical people looking for protection through franchise due diligence. So, that’s our mission: protect franchise buyers.

Of course, franchise buyer clients appreciate our franchise expertise and help with evaluating potential franchises.

3. Provide Expert Mentoring & Problem Solving For Franchisors & Franchisees

Franchisors and franchisees have conflicts that can lead to litigation. Those relationship issues are problematic and addressing them quickly is the best policy. Our role as franchise best practices consultants is to listen, analyze and get to the heart of a problem. Try to avoid lawsuits.

We Are Franchise Experts Grounded In Mentoring Not Salesmanship