Franchise Best Practices For A Stronger Network

Franchise Best Practices

Bridge the gap between franchisor and franchisees

Keep The System In Shape

Once launched, most franchise systems turn to automatic pilot. Methods for sales, training and support are in place to process and launch franchisees. But those same systems are not necessarily working the same over time. Review them. Stale systems lead to a stagnating, if not a failed franchise.

Also, for new franchisors, some operational aspects that functioned well in the model may not transfer to franchised units. Identify and fix those problems before resentment leads to lower expectations and legal trouble.

Franchise Best Practices Produce Better Recruiting

Making sales a top priority might be the easiest way to ruin a franchise. Too often, when franchisees are failing, and therefore the franchise, sales have been made to people that shouldn’t be there in the first place. When the wrong franchisee is brought into even a good model, trouble is on the way. The human side of franchising is generally not a consideration until it’s too late. Do something about it. Know who fits with the model and why.

Franchise Best Practices Create Better Relationships

Whether you’re a new or long term franchisor you’re more than familiar with industry lawsuits. Many of those resulted from bad business practices, but rest assured that all of them included bad relationships.

Franchisors all wrestle with sales, training, field problems, and countless other issues that absorb their time. An attitude of “I trained you and I offer you support, so get to work” is not uncommon. But if that sentiment is felt by unhappy franchisees, trouble is coming. Franchise best practices can resolve many business and personal issues.

For a closer look at the real world of interpersonal franchise relationships take time to read this article: Franchise Relationships – The Facts of Life

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