Franchising & Entrepreneurship are Jungles. This is Your Survival Guide.

For over 30 years we have established new benchmarks in franchising and entrepreneurship. Our reputation is impeccable.

Franchise Consultants

Whether you’re franchising a business, buying a franchise or looking for analysis of franchise issues, here you’ll find straight-forward franchise experts focused on quality and excellence.

Franchising a Business

We treat every client and every concept as unique. The result is a tailored franchise and an educated, capable franchisor. We deal with facts and feasibility, not salesmanship.

Buying a Franchise

We produce better, more informed buyer decisions through franchise due diligence and analysis of their chosen franchises. We do not represent franchisors and we have never accepted a sales commission.

Franchise Articles

Our franchise articles come from years of thought given to complex franchise issues. We are not salesmen; we are educators who deliver useful information born of observation and practice.


The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a far sighted, personal insight system that provides direction and clarity about one’s entrepreneurial self BEFORE starting a venture.

Franchise Blog

Our writing addresses important issues concerning entrepreneurship and franchising as well as Q&A exchanges with our readers. If a question we receive is of general interest, we’ll be glad to publish it.

Franchising is a jungle. Get competent guidance.