Franchising is a Jungle. This is Your Survival Guide.

For over 30 years we have established benchmarks in franchising & entrepreneurship. Our reputation is impeccable.

Franchise Consultants

Whether you’re franchising a business, buying a franchise or a franchisor seeking to improve your system, here you’ll find straight-forward franchise experts focused on quality and excellence.

Franchising a Business

Every client and every concept is unique. Our expertise lies in identifying and using those traits to develop a tailored franchise and an educated franchisor. We deal with facts and feasibility, not salesmanship.

Buying a Franchise

We help clients make better, more informed decisions about franchises through serious due diligence and analysis. Unlike the trickery of ‘free franchise consultants’, we do not accept payments from franchisors.

Franchise Articles

Our franchise articles come from years of thoughtful analysis given to complex franchise issues. You’ll find factual, practical information and gain better insight into the franchise industry.

Franchise Best Practices

At any stage of growth, franchisors and franchisees can have different opinions that cause relationship issues. Franchise best practices work can resolve conflicts and produce a superior network.


The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a personal insight system for defining one’s entrepreneurial self and identifying a logical path to business ownership.

Franchising is a jungle. Get competent guidance.