Proven Franchise Consultants for Franchising a Business and Buying a Franchise

Franchise Consultants Focused on People And Their Businesses.

Franchise consultants focused on people not just projects

Franchising is risky business. Prepare yourself.

Truth #1. If you’re interested in franchising a business, no one will exceed our expertise and attention to your concept and you as a person. Read about franchising a business. The scope of our services and an overview of our methods is explained. Our insistence on truthful franchise feasibility stands alone in the industry.

Truth #2. If you’re thinking about buying a franchise and see the words ‘Free Consulting’ it means a broker is hoping to earn a commission if you buy a franchise they represent. We are not brokers and we have never accepted a referral commission. We work strictly for our clients.

Are you an entrepreneur?

If you’re trying to decide if self-employment is a wise choice, “The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs” will provide you with the clarity needed for going forward. The two most important questions for any prospective entrepreneur to ask are: Should I really be self-employed, and if so, what type of business should it be? The Focus Program is designed to help answer those questions through a thoughtful process of self-discovery.

Want to learn more about franchising?

Our articles on franchising, our franchise blog posts and audio files offer quality information on complex franchise issues. They are free of hype because that is not our goal or our nature. Our focus is franchise excellence and always has been.

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We are franchise consultants focused on people not just projects


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