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Expert Franchise Consultants For Franchising A Business

The best path to successfully franchising a business is to work with a proven franchise expert who fits well with you and your business. To accomplish this, business owners and decision makers must be able to discern between expertise and salesmanship. Here are the two most common scenarios prospective franchisors will discover as they explore the idea of franchising a business and choosing a consultant.

First, the very enthusiastic consultant where salesmanship is at its best. They’ll work to convince you to franchise your business. It always seems that you and your concept are both perfect for franchising. So, watch out! What you are contemplating is not just a big step, it’s an earth moving event. A new franchisor can end up in a life altering mess and the reasons are many. But the important are: the concept or the person is not fit for franchising, and often it’s both. The majority of franchise development consultants are after one thing, a consulting fee. Franchising a business is fraught with danger and many fail. Keep your guard up.

Second, the boilerplate consultant in which process and paperwork are the focus. It’s more about the mechanics of paperwork and legal processing than the nuances of running a franchising organization. In this scenario it’s a numbers game that is straightforward and repetitive for the consultant. From a business perspective this approach creates a franchising entity. But without great care and personal development, the new franchisor is not educated and prepared for their role.

Our Approach To Franchising A Business

The methods we created over 30 years ago for franchising a business were born of one simple question: “How would we want to be treated if we were potential franchisors?”

Our insistence on truthful franchise feasibility stands alone. While many franchise consultants have copied our language concerning the need for feasibility, their findings don’t change. As said above, somehow their feasibility study leads to the conclusion that franchising is a wise choice for you. Look for performance, not talk. Always ask yourself this question: “Am I being counseled or am I being charmed?” Choose a proven franchise expert.

We pay attention to concepts as well as the people behind them. We continue to ask questions until a prospect feels they should or should not franchise a business. That decision belongs to the potential franchisor alone, period. If our goal was to just build new franchise companies, that would be an easy path to follow. But we don’t do it because we don’t feel good about it and our reputation is far more valuable than a fee. Our client endorsements reflect a devotion to this approach.  We are not simply consultants, we’re mentors in everything we do. And we’ve made some fine friends as a result. In truth, we’ve never told a prospect to franchise their business, BUT we’ve advised many NOT to franchise.

Expert Consultants For Buying A Franchise

If you’re thinking about buying a franchise and see the words ‘free franchise consulting’ you’ll be dealing with a broker, not a consultant dedicated to your needs and safety. The goal of a franchise broker is to introduce you to a number of franchises with the expectation that a franchisor will pay a commission or a fee. Know the difference between brokers and franchise consultants.

Franchise brokers insist they’re consultants, but that claim does not hold up to scrutiny. Here are two reasons why. 1.They’ll only discuss franchises that have agreed to pay them a fee. If there’s no potential for a commission, there’s no interest in making an introduction. 2. They will not discuss or conduct serious franchise due diligence on a franchise they represent (or have a relationship with). Due diligence is a must to fully understand and point out weaknesses in a concept. Brokers will not point to franchise negatives as it’s counter to their sales mission. You’ll also find that most franchise brokers (free franchise consultants) have very little experience in franchising themselves. In fact, many if not most have purchased a franchise that sells franchises. Don’t believe us? Do a simple search for ‘become a franchise consultant.’

We are not brokers or salespeople. We have never sold a franchise and we have never accepted a referral fee or sales commission from a franchisor. That is NOT what we do. Our clients pay us for serious mentoring and due diligence. Because we work on behalf of our clients, as any consultant should, we are 100% loyal to them and their best interests. In fact, helping clients reject a franchise or helping them reject franchising altogether is a great outcome when it’s the right decision.

Franchise Best Practices & Franchise Relationship Counseling

Franchisors at any stage of growth can experience differences of opinion with franchisees. Franchisors and franchisees tend to view themselves on opposite sides of the table, and that’s natural. When relationship issues become problematic, addressing them quickly is the best policy. Our role as Franchise Best Practices Consultants is to listen, analyze and advise as experienced franchise experts.

Franchise relationship issues stem from many sources. The franchise model might have an unanticipated flaw due to physical distance or demographics. The franchisor might view certain franchisee complaints as unwarranted and that results in franchisees feeling abandoned. Then anger will fester. Ignoring problems will not solve them and relationships will break down. There are many causes of conflict within a franchise system and smart franchisors will attack those problems before they themselves are attacked.

We’ve studied the franchise industry for years and quickly see to the heart of a franchise problem. As a result, we find cures by calmly studying problems and finding businesslike solutions that satisfy and repair relationships. In the end, Franchise Best Practices is a process of discovering and repairing broken parts of the franchise system.

Our Practices Are Grounded In Education Not Salesmanship

Our years of analyzing the franchise industry are reflected in many articles on franchising.  In addition, our franchise blog and franchise audio files provide sound advice and quality information on complex issues. They are free of hype and salesmanship because those things don’t fit our style or our nature. Our focus is franchise excellence and always has been. Our operating philosophy has always been to educate not to sell.

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