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Franchise consultants focused on people not just projects

Franchising is risky business. Prepare yourself.

Truth #1. If you’re searching for franchise consultants to discuss franchising a business, no one will exceed our expertise and attention not only to your concept but to you as a person. Read about franchising a business. The scope of our franchise consulting services and an overview of our methods is explained. Our insistence on truthful franchise feasibility stands alone in the industry. Unlike most franchise consultants who will encourage you to franchise in order to earn a fee, we have NEVER told a prospective client to franchise. Instead we ask every conceivable question until the prospect feels they should or should not become a franchisor. Think about that and compare it to your other experiences.  Our client endorsements reflect an appreciation for this approach.

Truth #2. If you’re thinking about buying a franchise and see the words ‘free franchise consulting’ it means a broker is hoping to earn a commission if you buy a franchise they represent. We are not brokers. We are not salespeople and we have never accepted a referral or sales commission. We are franchise consultants paid by our clients and are strictly loyal to them and their best interests. Further, we ‘do not’ believe in the concept of brokers and salespeople labeling themselves as ‘franchise consultants’ because they are not. They have a vested interest you buying a franchise that will result in a commission. If they are working for a living, then they are working for the person who is going to pay them. They will argue that point tirelessly, but you see the truth, right?

Improving the Franchise System through Franchise Best Practices

Franchise systems at any stage of growth are bound to experience conflicts between franchisor and franchisees for one simple reason – they’re made up of people and people often see things differently. The good news is that these internal differences can be a positive sign for change if viewed and managed correctly. That’s the role of our Franchise Best Practices.

For example, the franchise business model could have an unanticipated flaw that appears because of physical distance, demographics or management style. Or, field support and home base view certain operators and their complaints as unwarranted. Franchisees will feel abandoned and anger will fester. In either case, ignoring the problem will not solve it and relationships will break down. There are many causes of conflict within a franchise system and smart franchisors will attack problems before they’re attacked.

As it is with any interpersonal conflict, unbiased, experienced eyes can see the heart of a matter that is unseen by conflicting parties due to anger and emotions. The cure is often found in calmly studying problems from both sides and finding businesslike solutions that satisfy and repair relationships. Franchise Best Practices is not a bandaid to cover up a problem. It’s a process of discovering and repairing broken parts of the franchise system.

The people side of franchising is what drives us. Therefore, franchise best practices work is our nature. Make contact to talk further.

Should you really be self-employed?

If you’re trying to decide if self-employment is a wise choice, “The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs” will provide you with the clarity needed for answering these two critical questions: Should I really be self-employed, and if so, what type of business should it be? The Focus Program is designed to help answer those questions through a thoughtful process of self-discovery. Unlike any other program on entrepreneurship, The Focus Program is based in the core belief that ‘PERSONAL PLANNING SHOULD ALWAYS PRECEDE BUSINESS PLANNING.’ Think about that and you’ll begin to see why and how this program is designed to lower the rate of small business failure.

Want to learn more about franchising?

Our articles on franchising, our franchise blog posts and audio files offer quality information on complex franchise issues. They are free of hype because that is not our goal or our nature. Our focus is franchise excellence and always has been. Our operating philosophy has always been to educate not sell.

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