Franchise Due Diligence: The Franchise Buyer’s Best Friend

Franchise Due Diligence

Buying A Franchise? You Must Consider The Whole Picture.

Franchise due diligence is not something that an inexperienced franchise buyer can adequately conduct on their own. While many prospective franchisees would argue that point, it’s the truth. Here’s why.

Franchise Due Diligence Is Viewed Differently By Different Buyers

Every franchise buyer will say that they conducted due diligence, and that’s true to some extent. But what does that really mean? For some, it means trusting the salesman, the ‘free’ franchise consultant, or the president of the franchise company. And interestingly enough, in some cases, it works out.

For others, it means actually reading the many pages of a franchise disclosure document and the franchise agreement. While in the majority of cases they will not understand all that they’re reading, it’s a major step forward. And again, for many, things can work out. Take another step and the buyer will visit with an attorney and an accountant. This is would be a sophisticated buyer, but the effort doesn’t represent full investigation of the franchise and the buyer’s place within it.

For years, the franchise industry was touted as a nearly no-fail approach to business ownership. That is blatantly untrue. Here are some eye opening figures on franchise loan defaults.

Half-Way Investigation Is Not Good Enough For Due Diligence

Let’s assume that you ride your bicycle twenty miles a day, four days a week for exercise. You’re good at riding a bicycle. Your time is where you want it to be. Your friends and family are impressed with your commitment, your stamina, your fit condition. That’s all wonderful, but you’re not in the same league as a professional. The same is true for fledgling franchise buyers.

Reading franchise magazines and researching franchise opportunity websites will yield a sense of familiarity with the industry. In fact, a certain amount of franchise jargon will be absorbed; enough to converse with franchise companies and their representatives. At that point there’s an imbalance between buyer and seller. And as the saying goes, ‘a little knowledge is a dangerous thing.’ Professional due diligence is a must. It’s the only way to level the playing field. Find it in the form of legitimate consultant or an attorney with a franchise specialty. Without top notch guidance, buyers often end up as unhappy franchisees.

Franchise Due Diligence Expertise

To reiterate, franchise buyers who include their attorney and accountant in their due diligence are better off than those who don’t. On the other hand, who is more likely to catch the red flags found in a disclosure document, your family attorney or a franchise attorney? Who is more likely to spot operating problems and relationship problems within a franchise system, your accountant or a trained eye that knows franchise systems? Get all the advice you can from franchise professionals, not simply professionals in general.

No one and no one thing, including great due diligence, can guarantee franchise success. Even with careful preparation, the world becomes real once the buyer becomes an operating franchisee. But, avoidance of adequate preparation is a potential disaster waiting to happen. For a detailed accounting of necessary due diligence steps and other thought of the subject, read this page on BUYING A FRANCHISE. Good luck going forward and contact us with questions or concerns.