Starting A Business By The Numbers

Starting A Business

Business Start-Up Are More Desired Than You Might Imagine

Starting a business is desired by more than one-half of U.S. adults. According to one Gallop poll, more than one half of American adults (57%) would prefer to be self-employed versus working for someone else. That’s not only interesting news, but it also represents an enormous number of people. At first, the vast size of that population took me by surprise. But the more I thought, it began to make perfect sense. Here’s the connection between entrepreneurship and its attraction for at least 70 million Americans.

First, it might shock you to learn that nearly three-quarters of our adult population is unhappy at work. That’s what the literature tells us. And it applies to all career paths from blue collar to highly degreed professionals. Once unhappy at work, starting a business seems to be a natural alternative to routine employment.

Starting A Business Represents A Lifestyle

After years of observation and thought, one thing is clear about entrepreneurs. Owning a business is not just a job or career, it’s a lifestyle. In fact, owning a business is no different than any other committed relationship. If you work for yourself it’s nearly impossible to separate your personal life from your professional life.

It’s not the notion of starting a business that attracts us, as much as it is the aura of creating a new lifestyle. That’s the charm and the magnetic core of entrepreneurship.

More Statistics On Starting A Business

In this U.S. about 700,000 new businesses are launched every year . If you recall the 70,000,000 number above, do the math and discover something interesting. Only about one in one hundred people (or 1%) ever get past the dreaming stage and actually get busy starting a business.

Franchising As Business Startup

You might find it surprising that a very small number of startups are people purchasing franchise. Why is that? Very simply, franchising may be a great way of starting a business for some, but it’s generally more expensive. There’s a barrier to franchising as opposed to independent startups. In franchising you either buy the whole package or buy nothing. Not so with independents where one can start at any level or tier given finances and one’s level of interest.

The Biggest Question Stalling Hopeful Entrepreneurs

After many years of working with and counseling prospective and active entrepreneurs there’s one overwhelming obstacle to going forward in business. And it’s not money. It’s lack of focus and commitment. Two questions ultimately cause a stall. They are“Do I really want to be self-employed and if so, which, if any business is the right one for me to choose?’

Well, we addressed those questions and created a process, a system to help people answer them. The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a one of kind personal insight program that helps people answer those question as they develop a personal plan for business ownership. Actually, the program is a whole lot more than that. If you’re seeking self-employment take the course. It will be the least expensive quality investment you’ll make on your entrepreneurial journey.