Love what you do and the money will follow

Loving Your Business Is A Huge Success Factor

Successful entrepreneurship truly begins on the inside and ultimately manifests itself as an appropriate personal expression on the outside.  It is the substance and meaning of this post’s title: DO WHAT YOU LOVE AND THE MONEY WILL FOLLOW. Being unduly influenced by other people’s opinions and supposed hot business opportunities causes us to ignore our instincts. When decisions are based on greater personal insight, we will invariably find better and more fulfilling results. And the reason is simple: they are truly “our” choices. The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is designed to help prospective entrepreneurs gain that insight about themselves for the specific purpose of better personal planning.

Virtually all guidance regarding entrepreneurship deals with business plans, financing and marketing. But business planning is all about business. We contend that the most important part of entrepreneurship is the entrepreneur themselves. The Focus Program deals exclusively with this issue by removing emphasis on the business and placing it on the person.

Successful Entrepreneurs Know Themselves

Again, the title: do what you love and the money will follow. An entrepreneur must take the time to find out what drives them as a person. If not, it will range from difficult to impossible to find the right type of business environment in which to be happy and thrive. Specifically to that point see this post.

Note that because there is not enough depth of personnel in most small businesses to avoid each required task, entrepreneurs must have at least a working knowledge of the full range of functions within their venture.  Therefore, it is critical that the business owner have a deep fondness for their business.  And it’s this deep attachment to one’s business that promotes eagerness to know, protect and nurture the operation.  It’s the successful entrepreneur’s heartfelt fondness for the business that energizes them to work joyfully at any aspect of the business.  Successful entrepreneurs embrace the whole business and take pride in each task associated with it as more a labor of love than an exasperating chore. Do what you love, the money will follow.

It’s Always More Than Just Money

And take of the meaning of ‘money.’ Yes, it’s cash flow and profitability that pay for the business and an entrepreneur’s needs, but there must be some psychic value (fun) derived from one’s venture. Do what you love, have fun in a business that you love. Self-employment is a 24/7 affair, as any entrepreneur will tell you, so you might as well make it enjoyable. Good luck!