“THE FOCUS PROGRAM FOR EMERGING ENTREPRENEURS” is dedicated to providing a creative and powerful method for emerging entrepreneurs to complete a needed self-analysis BEFORE starting a business.  Too many of us who are self-employed begin questioning our decisions AFTER the venture begins and poor choices cannot be reversed.

For over three decades, the BIBBY GROUP has been a counselor to new and existing business owners. Of all the problems associated with the stories of failed and failing entrepreneurs, the most common one of all, after careful analysis, has been poor focus and poor choices in the types of ventures chosen.  Too many entrepreneurs make big decisions based on business calculations and do not consider themselves, the person behind the decisions, in the equation. The result is often disappointment, upset, and often failure.

Entrepreneurs generally lead a more demanding and solitary life than those on other career tracks and that means that corrections down the road are a little harder to achieve.  Poor choices at the beginning of a business venture usually end in a dysfunctional and/or failed relationship down the road.  On the other hand, entrepreneurs who clearly state personal and business goals that are congruent with who they are, tend to find the personal and business success they seek.

As with life choices in general, great entrepreneurial experiences begin with a clear and accurate knowledge of what will compliment your God given skills and logical needs.  In too many cases the hype surrounding “hot” business opportunities and blind promises of instant income cloud the aspiring entrepreneur’s judgment.  Yes, the viability of a business concept is necessary to know, but it should be determined only AFTER ones entrepreneurial identity is clear and the direction is known.