First and foremost, YES, franchisees are entrepreneurs. They are simply a ’type’ of entrepreneur. Just as there are different types of trees, homes and automobiles, there are different types of entrepreneurs.

Somewhere in the 1990’s the term ‘entrepreneur’ became associated with hi-tech start-ups and higher levels of technology, but in its most basic form it means organizing and managing any enterprise, especially a business where there is effort and risk. Are there different levels of effort and risk? Of course, and those elements would vary not only among the type of business but among the various individuals taking the risks. The simple difference is the level of risk and independence compared to others with a higher risk tolerance for innovators.

A key section of The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is the analysis of different types of entrepreneurs and the reason is to help prospective business owners decide what type they might be in order to improve their chances for success.