Personal Planning 1st – Business Planning 2nd

Personal Planning before Business Planning

Personal planning ahead of business planning for new entrepreneurs




















New Thinking For Those Launching Into Self-Employment

The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a completely new and thoughtful process for understanding yourself in the role of entrepreneur BEFORE choosing a business. The program calls on you to put yourself first and business planning in the distance. The process is a journey into self-discovery. One that will serve you well the rest of your life if you embrace the concepts and connect to them to your experiences. In other words, as the title says, personal planning before business planning.

When undertaken with a real sense of purpose, you’ll create a virtual word picture of yourself as an entrepreneur. As an entrepreneur that is realistically you. We refer to the outcome as a Personal Entrepreneurial Portrait. The intent is to gradually take authority over your options by seeing more clearly the path that is right for you. And in turn, replace entrepreneurial chance with entrepreneurial choice.  Replacing fear of the unknown with confidence and authority is a powerful weapon that is not usually on the side of the emerging entrepreneur. That powerful weapon is the great equalizer when doing battle in the world of self-employment.

Your Personal Journey Into Entrepreneurship

Being a successful entrepreneur requires the ability to make quality judgments about both personal and business issues.  Above all else, business ownership is a human endeavor that should reflect the personality, goals, and ambitions of the owner.  Yet, conventional wisdom tends to disregard the more human side of business and instead focuses almost exclusively on the business processes required, i.e. writing a plan, finding a good accountant, incorporating, raising the necessary capital, buying insurance.  Although each of these is important, they represent less than half of the equation.

Owning a business is far more than merely following a set of procedures. It is building and maintaining a strong, healthy relationship with the business. Unfortunately, entrepreneurial courses of study and professional advisers tend to look past this aspect of business ownership because it is not popular. It is neither understood or accepted and may even appear too personal to have a place in business. While every entrepreneur understands the necessity for that close relationship, it’s simply not taught or acknowledge in traditional education.

Personal Analysis Is Critical To Entrepreneurial Success

In order to embark on the fantastic journey of establishing the right business, one must understand that success begins with self-analysis, not business analysis. Those who have achieved prominence as entrepreneurs have consciously or unconsciously visualized themselves in a proposed business setting. To begin the process of starting a business without engaging in an evaluation of who we are and why we’re starting a business is to reach for a destination without a map or a plan.

If you first know your Entrepreneurial Self, you will be far better prepared for the journey. After all, knowing ourselves is always the best preparation for any of life’s endeavors. The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a tested process for knowing one’s entrepreneurial self. So again we say, ‘Personal planning before Business Planning’.