Facts For Emerging Entrepreneurs

Facts for Emerging Entrepreneurs

Emerging entrepreneurs require essential startup facts

Business ownership is the most dreamed about career option in North America.  More than one-half of our adult population considers self-employment, but less than one percent will ever make the leap.  Why?  The reason is obvious to the careful observer, but hard to resolve. Prospective entrepreneurs need more direction, focus, planning skills and quality guidance to overcome natural fear.  For too long we have been operating without the obvious – — a logical system that can take us from “wanting to own a business” to “successfully owning a business.”  That ‘logical system’ is now a reality.

Consider some disturbing facts for emerging entrepreneurs. Nearly three-quarters of new businesses do not survive for even five years.  It’s a national tragedy that so many try and so few succeed.  And, it’s tragic on two levels.  First, the high failure rate of small businesses represents devastation to millions of bank accounts and the families draining them.  Second, it’s tragic because without successful entrepreneurs we lessen job opportunities for others, reduce our tax base, fund fewer government programs, and lessen the potential for tomorrow’s major companies. Low success rates for small businesses fuel a negative chain reaction throughout the economic system.

The True Value Of Our Entrepreneurs

Our emerging entrepreneurs are national treasures, but the high failure rate continues because traditional resources do not focus on success factors.  Entrepreneurship is at the core of everything we know in North America. At the same time the true nature of self-employment and that of the entrepreneur is really not understood.  This lack of understanding halts common sense entrepreneurship from being taught.

It’s true that many succeed through hard work, focus, grit, and sometimes just plain luck, but most get it wrong. What was at first a beautiful dream can become a nightmare for the brave who start alone and end alone.  It does not have to be this way.  Change begins with new thinking and a logical process for making better decisions about one’s entrepreneurial possibilities.  The Bibby Group has designed and proven that new, logical process – The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs.