Business opportunities and you: No Need for Confusion

Business opportunities and you: there’s no need for confusion

Business Opportunities and you: can be a confusing matter

I’m researching business opportunities as a new career option. Obviously there are a lot to choose from and I’m finding it very confusing. Can you offer some advice on how to get some clarity and direction?

When it comes to business opportunities and you, the most important element is YOU

Not only are you not alone, you are with nearly every person who has ever wanted to switch careers and perhaps own a business. I make the distinction between ‘changing careers’ into self-employment as opposed to people who are driven to entrepreneurship from a very early age because the motivations are usually very different. When it comes to business opportunities and you in particular, the drive to self-employment could be perceived more as a job search than a chance at a truly life changing event. Let me be a little more clear on that point. Because self-employment is much more a personal and emotional commitment than a job, it is critically important to be in love with the venture. So, here’s our take on the subject. Don’t get caught up with websites and publications advertising business opportunities for sale. Instead, get caught up with yourself on a totally selfish level. Business ownership should primarily be about YOU, what YOU want to do. Of course there must be a commercial value to the venture, meaning that there must be customers or clients in need of your product or service. And of course, having the financial wherewithal to enter the business in the first place is a factor, but in most cases it should not be a deal breaker. Think about shoestring bootstrap businesses, especially when you have passion, focus and drive. Here’s a case in point.

And last, here’s our best effort at helping folks just like you eliminate confusion and gain clarity, The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs.