Franchise consultants dedicated to client success

Franchise Consultants Focused on People And Their Businesses.

Franchise consultants focused on people not just projects

As franchise consultants our reputation is impeccable. We are known for our level of care, mentoring spirit and commitment to our clients’ well being. Whether you’re franchising a businessbuying a franchise or seeking franchise information, you’ find us to be a credible, reliable resource.

We are consultants, not franchise brokers or sales people

If you’re interested in franchising your business, no one will exceed our expertise and attention to you and your concept. Read about franchising a business. The scope of our services and an overview of our methodology is explained.

If you’re buying a franchise, compare our approach to brokers and sales representatives that call themselves franchise consultants. There’s a difference and you should understand it. As franchise consultants our focus is on you, not selling franchises. As true consultants we guide and advise. We have never accepted commissions because we don’t represent franchisors. Our role is representing YOU.

Services for those considering self-employment & franchising

If you’re wrestling with the idea of self-employment, “The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs” will provide you with the clarity and direction needed to get the journey started. Or, it may help you decide that entrepreneurship is not for you. Often, franchise consultants attempt to sell people on a franchise concept and that can result in a very unhealthy outcome for the buyer. We understand that you must first find comfort in business ownership by coming to understand yourself as a prospective entrepreneur. The Focus Program is designed to do exactly that through a thoughtful process of self-discovery.

Franchise information via articles, audio and blog

If your goal is franchise information and insight into complex franchise issues that are timeless, our thoughtful articles on franchising, our franchise blog posts and audio files are among the most valuable you’ll find. You’ll find our site to be free of hype and salesmanship because those are not our goals or our nature. Our one focus is franchise excellence and always has been.

We are franchise consultants focused on people not just projects


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