Franchising is a Jungle. This is Your Survival Guide.

For over 30 years we have established benchmarks for consulting and critical thinking on franchising. Our reputation is impeccable.

Franchise Consultants

If you’re franchising a business, buying a franchise or looking for insightful analysis of franchise issues, here you’ll find straight-forward expert consultants without any hype. Read through our site and you’ll know it.

Franchising a Business

Quality franchising is all about preparation. We have a measured approach that begins with the feasibility of franchising and ends with the proper launch of a franchise and you knowing your role as a franchisor.

Buying a Franchise

We don’t sell franchises. We don’t represent franchisors and we don’t accept commissions. Instead, we provide a unique due diligence service that helps you decide which, if any, franchise might be right for you.

Franchise Articles

Our franchise articles are the result of many years of experience and thoughtful reflection on complex franchise issues. We produce no time-wasting sales pieces; just useful, practical information born of observation and practice.


The Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs is a breakthrough system that helps prospective entrepreneurs answer the two most important questions. Should I really own my own business, and if so, what type of business should it be?


Franchise Blog

Our Franchise Blog contains information on important franchising issues and Q&A exchanges with our readers. We attempt to answer all questions we receive and if a question is of general interest, we’ll be glad to publish it on our blog.

Franchising is a jungle. Get competent guidance.