Adrianne Bibby, Principal

Adrianne Bibby, Principal

Adrianne Bibby, Principal

Adrianne is Principal of the Bibby Group. She is an analyst and journalist providing insightful information via articles, Bibby Group’s franchise blog and the development of programs on franchising and entrepreneurship.

Her journalism credentials include Newsday, Los Angeles Times and The New York Times (Washington Bureau Editor). She was honored to serve on the Washington Press Club Foundation Board of Directors.

Adrianne’s formal education includes Princeton, Paris-Sorbonne, and Georgetown universities.

Her competitive nature and intellectual curiosity led to a unique conclusion about consulting: teach and compete on a different level. She is doing so via production of online learning/consulting programs.

A Journalist Making A Difference

The Bibby Group has provided critical thinking on franchising and entrepreneurship via major news and information resources including:

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