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Franchise opportunities and success: the ultimate search

Can you recommend a few franchise opportunities and success records associated with them? I’m not an expert in any business field and want a franchise with great success and support.

Franchise Success – The Goal of All Prospective Franchisees

Thanks for the question and welcome to the world of franchise search.

Let’s begin with some unfortunate facts of life.  While it has long been promoted that franchises succeed where independent business fail, that is simply not the truth. Franchises can fail at high percentages just like any other business, marriage, or product introduction. The bottom line is that franchising is not, and never has been, a fail safe path to entrepreneurship. Sad commentary? Yes, but truthful.

For an eye opening take on franchise opportunities and success, see these SBA statistics on franchise loan failure rates.

Franchise opportunities: finding the right match

The critical question that all emerging entrepreneurs must answer is this: “Does the business I am considering match who I am?”  Failure to answer this question about franchise opportunities usually leads to great disappointment.  Start-ups fail because owners make poor choices that sap time, energy and finances. And means independent or franchised business. When you consider that entrepreneurs are virtually wedded to their business, it is easier to understand that if the relationship between an owner and the business is not healthy, the business will not be healthy.  Our Focus Program for Emerging Entrepreneurs offers comprehensive guidance on finding the right fit for you.

We’ve found that the whole trick when it comes to entrepreneurship and franchise opportunities is to ask yourself what is going to make you happy.  Read our franchise articles to educate yourself on the critical issues that you will face as a new franchisee. 

Prospective franchisees should conduct both personal and franchise pre-purchase due diligence.