Franchise Expert Witness

Franchise Expert Witness that knows how to communicate.

The Bibby Group is noted for both its competent, straightforward consulting practices and its continuous study and commentary regarding complex franchise issues. As such, those associated with the organization are recognized as franchise experts and offer franchise expert witness services.

Nick Bibby is recognized by courts nation-wide as a franchise expert witness. His deep understanding of franchising and its many complex development and relationship issues are found in dozens of franchise articles, commentaries from interviews, and consulting relationships. It is the desire to build stronger, healthier franchise relationships that fuels the Bibby Group’s constant development of greater franchise expertise and the franchise expert witness services that flow from that effort.

Opinions on franchising as a franchise expert and/or witness have been sought out by many organizations, Internet sites, and publications. Whether a franchise expert’s opinion is required for journalism, or by a team seeking to establish a more well rounded strategy to solve a franchise problem, the Bibby Group can assist.

Contact the Bibby Group, they’ll be happy to discuss your questions and concerns.

Our canvassing of the jury indicated that they were very favorable toward your testimony. They were very impressed with your professional and calm demeanor in contrast to the vigorous cross-examination to which you were subjected. Your testimony as a franchise expert witness was of great assistance to us in arguing to them that (the defendant) had breached his agreement by not properly disclosing the franchise to them.
Robert J. McGuire, Esq., Dallas, TX