Becoming entrepreneur of the year is a personal journey.

Here’s your window to become entrepreneur of the year

You should should shoot for ‘entrepreneur of the year’

I am fresh out of college and want to start my own auto repair business. My parents insisted I finish college and I am glad I did, but I’ve been interested in fixing cars since I can remember. Any ideas on combining a college degree with a hobby that keeps my hands dirty? I really don’t want to go to work in an office.

Do you have any idea how lucky you are?

Seriously, let’s ask that question again. Do you know how lucky you are? In a world where most adults are hating the daily work grind, spending their time with distractions to get their minds off of their jobs, and only wishing they could do something that makes them happy, you already have the answer. We constantly hear from unhappy career people all the time, including a full range of professionals (lawyers, accountants, etc.) who are sick of their work and hoping to find satisfaction while making a living. You, on the other hand, know what makes you happy — that’s 90% of life’s battle. And to boot, you have a college degree which has helped you work through research issues as you learned. That education can only help you do better in any career path chosen.

If you know what you want, and of equal importance, what you ‘don’t want’ (as in an office job), then nothing should hold you back.

We decided to title your inquiry “become entrepreneur of the year” because you’re the perfect candidate. Not in the sense of winning some award from a society or a magazine, but in the sense of having the chance at a lifetime of taking pleasure and pride in your work. The notion of going to work and actually enjoying the effort is something that so few people ever experience. If you take the career path your heart desires, then no one — your family, your friends, and especially YOU — will ever doubt your happiness. And for all those in your life (including your happy customers), you will have become entrepreneur of the year every year.

Some time ago we wrote an article on doing what makes us happy. Read it and be glad you are so far ahead of the crowd.