Looking for information on donut franchises and the donut industry

I’m interested in a food franchise and am curious about how donut franchises do in general. Any information is appreciated.

 Donut franchises tend to mimic the rest of the franchise industry

Thanks for your question, but I am only able to give you some very general thoughts and some personal observations. For specifics, contact the American Restaurant Association (www.americanrestaurantassociation.com/), or the investor department at any of the major franchised operations,

Obviously, Krispy Kreme has done a fabulous job of capturing the people’s hearts as well as their pallets and their stock price reflects that. (After flat lining for a few years, the price more than doubled). Dunkin Donuts appears to have done well for stock holders as well. In terms of store numbers, I doubt any chain touches Dunkin Donuts with over 10,000 units worldwide. A cursory search of different ‘franchise opportunity’ sites will provide the names of numerous donut franchises.

One thing that I will say is that donut consumption seems to be regional.  For example, very few would argue that Dunkin Donuts owns New England and much of the northeast where brand loyalty seems to be so strong. However, years ago, DD’s efforts in the southwest was met by resistance for a while. Why? Not really sure, but it could be lifestyle, could be name recognition, or any number of factors. One thing, however, seems to always be true in the franchise industry. Whether donut franchises or any other type of franchised business, it is always hard to beat the original brands in a particular region. Bottom line, keep popularity and longevity in mind when buying a franchise of any kind.

Bottom line, call some of the franchisors directly and speak to either the investors area, or the marketing department.